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Lecture for students and interested persons / Veranstaltung für Studierende und weitere Interessierte

Thursday 14.9.2017, 15.00 - 17.00, Hörsaal 001

Impact of Nuclear Politics on Future Generations / Einfluss der Atompolitik auf künftige Generationen

  • Helen Caldicott, MD, Nuclear Policy Research Institut in Washington DC/ USA  "The Impending Threat of Nuclear War“
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Emilie Gaillard, Univ.  Caen / Normandie "The Nuclear Age & the Entry in the Transgenerational Legal Era"
  • Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder Oxford Research Institute "Our Responsibility to Safeguard the Rights of Future Generations“ 



Thursday 14.9.2017

18.15h    Greetings A. Nidecker, L. Goetschel, J.J. Fasnacht

18.30h    Block 1 (Public Event)

Nuclear Hotspots & Crimes in the Distance

  • M. Leuenberger "Mit der Distanz verringert sich die Schärfe des Gewissens" (handouts with translation available)
  • N. Kutepova "Mayak Nuclear Facility: 60 Years against Human Rights"
  • R. A. Bennett  “Report from former test region Marshall Islands”
  • S. Elworthy "Our Responsibility to Safeguard the Rights of Future Generations"

Musical accompaniment by the Basel Vokalensemble

Moderation: J.J. Fasnacht

20.00h    Drinks and snacks for all participants

Friday 15.9.2017

08.00h    Registration

08.45h    Opening D. Rietiker

09.00h    Block 2

"Ionizing Radiation / Biological Effects / Hibakusha Worldwide"

  • C. Knüsli  "Ionizing Radiation: Medical Risks – New Aspects"
  • A. Rosen  "Hibakusha Worldwide –  Similarities among Victims of Nuclear Weapons, Power and Uranium Mining"
  • M. Walter,  A. Nidecker "Genetic Modifications and Observations of Radiation Effects in Fauna and Flora"

Moderation: D. Rietiker

10.30h    Coffee break 

10.45h    Block 3

Anthropology, Human Rights, Future Generations

  • S. Walentowitz "The Period after Uranium Mining in Niger & Anthropological Questions"
  • D. Rietiker "Dealing with Human Rights Issues in the Nuclear Age"
  • G. Kreutzer "The Use of Nuclear Weapons from an International Criminal Law Perspective"
  • E. Gaillard "The Nuclear Age & the Entry in the Transgenerational Legal Era" 

Moderation: U. Ruegg

12.45h    Lunch

14.00h    Block 4

Nuclear Testing and Nuclear Arms / Nuclear Weapon Free Zones

  • J.M. Collin "Past and Current Consequences of Nuclear Tests - Highlight of the French Nuclear Tests and Consequences of the Nuclear Ban Treaty"
  • T. Rauf "Addessing the Dangers from Nuclear Weapon Arsenals and Doctrines and the Lack of Nuclear Disarmament"
  • P. Ingram "Nuclear Disarmament: How We Bring Effective Pressure on States to Take the Next Steps in the Context of Talks on a Prohibition Treaty »
  • H. Müller "Nuclear Weapon Free Zones – One way forward"

Moderation: A. Ware

16.00h    Coffee break

16.15h    Block 5

Environmental Rights

  • M. Prieur "International Human Rights Law and Nuclear Disasters"  
  • J. Burger "presentation to be announced"
  • S. Golubok "Sources of International Environmental Law on the Rights of Future Generations"

Moderation: A. Nidecker

17. 45h    Standing Buffet for participants

18.30h    Ceremony of the Nuclear Free Future Award (public event)

21.00h    End of the program. Drinks and Snacks


Saturday 16.9.2017

08.30h    Registration

09.00h    Block 6

Nuclear Accidents

  • S. Füglister "The Secret Nuclear Accident at Khysthym / Mayak"         
  • T. Yamada  "Fukushima nuclear power accidents and human right remedy from the viewpoint of International Law"
  • H. Caldicott "Remind us of Chernobyl"

Moderation: A. Rosen

10.30h    Coffee break

10.45h    Panel 1

Helping Nuclear Victims – Legal Cases Mod. D. Rietiker

Moderation: D. Rietiker

12.45h    Lunch

14.00h    Block 7

State of Uranium Mining incl. Reports of Nuclear Activists

  • D. Brugge  "The Long, Slow Process of Seeking Justice for Uranium Mining Harms for the Navajo People" 
  • G. Wippel "Overview of Uranium Activities in Africa / Global Uranium Activities " 
  • B. Khastumur / O. Shourt "Fighting Environmental Uranium Pollution in Mongolia"
  • A. Alhacen "Uranium Mining in Niger: development après les mines" Transl.       
  • A. Lyamundo "Political Resistance Against Uranium Mining in Tanzania - Avoiding Uranium mining"

Moderation: H. Hamm

15.45h    Coffee Break

16.15h    Panel 2

U Mining, Health / Environmental Impact / Reclamation & Compensation Issues

Moderation: G. Wippel

19.00h    End

20.00h    Festive dinner  (registration only, speakers invited)

Sunday 17.9.2017

08.30h    Registration

09.00h    Block 8

Is the Future Really Nuclear Free? Future Costs and Nuclear Waste issues

  • A. Ware "Protecting Future Generations through Anti-Nuclear Legislation and Removing Nuclear Weapons Funding"
  • M. BuserJ. J. Fasnacht "Nuclear Waste – the Legacy : how to Handle it Responsibly »

Moderation: J.J. Fasnacht

10.15h     Coffee Break

10.45h    Final Panel

Acting for the Future Generations

  • Short Presentation of one NFFA recipient
  • E. Gaillard "Recognition of Rights for and Crimes Against Future Generations in the Nuclear Age"
  • S. Elworthy "Our Responsibility to Safeguard the Rights of Future Generations"
  • H. Caldicott "The Impending Threat of Nuclear War"
  • M. Vosseler “ Nuclear Abolition and Planetary Ethics”

Moderation: A. Nidecker

G. Baitsch: Closing Words and Farewell

12.15h    Lunch