Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder Oxford Research Institute “How young generations can impact nuclear policies"

Faced with a future full of threats and violence, young people are responding, albeit with a host of tough questions: “What can I do – what can we do - to halt or reverse this terrible future you have left us with?” 

In this session let us examine how higher-level thinking can facilitate the adolescent’s worldview, and how that can be approached.

First it is essential to examine how to deal with fear and uncertainty – the benefits of walking towards what frightens you – ‘the gem under the dragon’s foot’.  Then I shall offer a method for adolescents to find out what each can best contribute, to develop your plan of study and life experience, including an exercise where participants are asked to turn to their neighbour and ask each other some simple questions that can be used to help adolescents identify their passion, their skills and their contribution.

When the answers to these questions are combined, an enormous force for good is unleashed. It becomes clear just how much inventiveness and skill Millennials have at their disposal. 

If there is time in discussion we shall also examine the values that young people have a right to demand from political, business and community leaders, including: transparency, compassion, listening, integrity and a sense of service.

This will enable us to conclude with reflections on how we can encourage those who light candles in the darkness.