H. Caldicott, MD, Nuclear Policy Research Institut in Washington DC/ USA  "The Impending Threat of Nuclear War"  

Never before in the history of the nuclear age have we been closer to nuclear holocaust.

The US has a president who is impulsive, childlike and almost totally uneducated in global politics controls the nuclear button. Meanwhile, after promising Gorbachev not to enlarge NATO after the end of the Cold War, the US violated that agreement and provocatively organized expansion of NATO right up to the Russian border, arming these small Eastern European countries with countless weapons and antiballistic systems.

Recently the US state department orchestrated a coup in the Ukraine removing president Yanukovych and replacing him with the hardliner Poroshenko who is militarily threatening the Russian speaking population in Eastern Ukraine which Russia is trying to protect. Simultaneously a serious military confrontation occurs in Syria as Russian and American planes conduct provocative sorties threatening each other and Syrian civilians. And both nuclear-armed nations are practicing war games over the NATO nations and in the Baltic Sea.

Meanwhile in the US, main stream media is persistently vilifying Russia for having hacked the recent US presidential election.

Russia has placed its nuclear weapons on a high state of alert and it is highly likely that America has too.

A single human error, a hack attack, a computer error at this time of heightened international tension could well trigger a nuclear holocaust inducing a nuclear winter and the end of most life on earth.

Of the 16,400 H bombs in the global nuclear arsenal, Russia and America own 94%. These are the REAL terrorist nations holding us all as nuclear hostages.