The program is continuously being updated

print version of the program as pdf (06th August 2017)


Lecture for students and interested persons / Veranstaltung für Studierende und weitere Interessierte

Thursday 14.9.2017, 15.00 - 17.00, Hörsaal 001

Impact of Nuclear Politics on Future Generations / Einfluss der Atompolitik auf künftige Generationen

  • Helen Caldicott, MD, Nuclear Policy Research Institut in Washington DC/ USA  "The Impending Threat of Nuclear War"   [abstract]   [presentation pdf]


Thursday 14.9.2017

18.15h Greetings A. Nidecker, L. Goetschel, J.J. Fasnacht

18.30h Block 1 (Public Event)

Nuclear Hotspots & Crimes in the Distance

  • M. Leuenberger "Mit der Distanz verringert sich die Schärfe des Gewissens" (handouts with translation available)

  • N. Kutepova "Mayak Nuclear Facility: 60 Years against Human Rights"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • D. Doulatram “Report from former test region Marshall Islands”   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • S. Elworthy "Our Responsibility to Safeguard the Rights of Future Generations“   [abstract]

Musical accompaniment by the Basel Vokalensemble

Moderation: J.J. Fasnacht

20.00h Drinks and snacks for all participants

Friday 15.9.2017

08.00h Registration

08.45h Opening D. Rietiker

09.00h Block 2

"Ionizing Radiation / Biological Effects / Hibakusha Worldwide"

  • C. Knüsli  "Ionizing Radiation: Medical Risks – New Aspects"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • M. Walter,  A. Nidecker "Genetic effects of ionizing radiation"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • A. Rosen  "Hibakusha Worldwide –  Similarities among Victims of Nuclear Weapons, Power and Uranium Mining"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: D. Rietiker

10.30h Coffee break 

10.45h Block 3

Anthropology, Human Rights, Future Generations

  • S. Walentowitz "The Period after Uranium Mining in Niger & Anthropological Questions"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • D. Rietiker "Dealing with Human Rights Issues in the Nuclear Age: Focusing on Vulnerable Groups"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

  • G. Kreutzer "The Proliferation and Use of Nuclear Weapons from an International and Transnational Criminal Law Perspective"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • E. Gaillard "The Nuclear Age & the Entry in the Transgenerational Legal Era"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: U. Ruegg

12.45h Lunch

14.00h Block 4

Nuclear Testing and Nuclear Arms / Nuclear Weapon Free Zones

  • J.M. Collin "Past and Current Consequences of Nuclear Tests - Highlight of the French Nuclear Tests and Consequences of the Nuclear Ban Treaty"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • T. Rauf "Addressing Dangers from Nuclear-Weapon Arsenals and Doctrines and the Lack of Nuclear Disarmament"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • P. Ingram "Nuclear Disarmament: Futures after the Ban Treaty" [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • H. Müller "Nuclear Weapon Free Zones – One way forward"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: A. Ware

16.00h Coffee break

16.15h Block 5

Environmental Rights

  • M. Prieur "International Human Rights Law and Nuclear Disasters"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: A. Nidecker

17. 45h Standing Buffet for participants

Making the world safe from nuclear weapons and nuclear power is in our hands! 2017 Nuclear-Free Future Award to honor individuals who help get us there. 

The laureates are Almoustapha Alhacen from Niger, Janine Allis-Smith and Martin Forwood from Great Britain, Hiromichi Umebayashi from Japan, Jochen Stay from Germany and "The Dedicated": Switzerland's Anti-Nuke Movement. 

The award ceremony will be musically enriched by Native Americansinger/songwriter Mitch Walking Elk from Minnesota.

21.00h    End of the program. Drinks and Snacks


Saturday 16.9.2017

08.30h Registration

09.00h Block 6

Nuclear Accidents

  • T. Yamada  "Fukushima nuclear power accidents and human right remedy from the viewpoint of International Law"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: A. Rosen

10.30h Coffee break

10.45h Panel 1

Helping Nuclear Victims – Legal Cases

Moderation: D. Rietiker

12.45h Lunch

14.00h Block 7

State of Uranium Mining including Reports of Nuclear Activists

  • D. Brugge  "The Long, Slow Process of Seeking Justice for Uranium Mining Harms for the Navajo People"    [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • G. Wippel "Overview of Uranium Activities in Africa / Global Uranium Activities"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • B. Khastumur, O. Shourt "Fighting Environmental Uranium Pollution in Mongolia"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • A. Alhacen "Histoire et conséquences des mines d’uranium au Niger/ History and consequences of the uranium mines in Niger" (Transl.)   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • A. Lyamunda "Political Resistance Against Uranium Mining in Tanzania - Avoiding Uranium mining"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • W. Mahundi "The Threat of Uranium Mining at Mkuju River / South Tanzania" [abstract] [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: J. Burger

15.45h Coffee Break

16.15h Panel 2

U Mining, Health / Environmental Impact / Reclamation & Compensation Issues

Moderation: G. Wippel

19.00h End

20.00h Festive dinner (registration only, speakers invited)

The festive dinner will take place in the Restaurant Mägd, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 29, 4056 Basel.
9 min walk by foot from the congress location A (Kollegienhaus of the University of Basle) to the restaurant "Mägd" B


Sunday 17.9.2017

08.30h Registration

09.00h Block 8

Is the Future Really Nuclear Free? Future Costs and Nuclear Waste issues

  • A. Ware "Protecting Future Generations through Anti-Nuclear Legislation and Removing Nuclear Weapons Funding"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: J.J. Fasnacht

10.15h Coffee Break

10.45h Final Panel

Acting for the Future Generations

  • H. Umebayashi (NFFA recipient) "Ideal is real: The Vision of a Nuclear Weapons Free Northeast Asia"
  • E. Gaillard "Recognition of Rights for and Crimes Against Future Generations in the Nuclear Age"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]
  • S. Elworthy “How young generations can impact nuclear policies"   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

  • M. Vosseler “ Nuclear Abolition and Planetary Ethics”   [abstract]   [presentation_pdf]

Moderation: A. Nidecker

G. Baitsch: Closing Words and Farewell

12.15h Lunch