W. Mahundi "The Threat of Uranium Mining at Mkuju River / South Tanzania"

We engaged into uranium campaign program since 2010 after a number of local people from Namtumbo came to ask for ‘uranium markets’ – thinking they might make a living from mining uranium in an artisanal way (similar to Tanzanite) . Some of them came with what they believed was uranium ore from Mkuju River area in Namtumbo District.
After a few months, we decided to educate people about the uses of uranium. In December 2012, some experts on uranium mining from Germany came to our area for education.
We had an awareness raising conference, and among others invitees were government officers such as mineral department officers and political leaders as well as local people from mining areas.
During group discussion we found some hot issues such as
i.   Lack of community involvement during planning, surveying and establishing uranium mining
ii.  Lack of awareness / education on uranium for the community
iii. Lack of transparency on the uranium mining sector in Namtumbo region and in Tanzania at large
iv. Unfulfilled social responsibility promises to the community and
v.  Complaints about environmental destruction done by the companiesconducting uranium exploration in Tanzania
From that moment we full engaged ourselves as an organization to start campaign against uranium mining.