A. Lyamunda "Political Resistance Against Uranium Mining in Tanzania - Avoiding Uranium mining"

Since 2009 when first information about uranium exploration in Tanzania became public “Civil Education is the Solution to Poverty and Environmental Management” (CESOPE) has successfully risen awareness among local communities. Uranium mining is a looming threat depending on Uranium price which is actually low. CESOPE activities range from seminars and radio spots to distributing videos to rural micro-cinemas. Especially CESOPE was always present when there was an urgent challenge in a village. Currently CESOPE is promoting methods of using natural resources in a sustainable way to create reliable sources of income for people.   
CESOPE has been in the Chemba district since 2012 development of the Farkwa Dam Project. This dam would block the river Bubu as the main tributary of Bahi swamp and therefore is a potentially existential threat for the wetland. CESOPE is suspicious that drying Bahi swamp could be method to drive out people to pave the way for uranium mining. CESOPE raises awareness among people and advocates for their rights.
For many years the Tanzanian government received complaints that Tanzania as a nation as well as local population would not take enough or any profit at all in the mining boom. The new mining law could be seen as a tool to tackle this challenge. However critical voices also warn that the new legislation could be used to slash and silence complaints by civil society. The government under the new president Magafuli has not yet made specific announcements referring to uranium mining – civil society needs to be on alert.